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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

Data Collection hub for PLCs and SCADA

Advanced Multifunction Logger Data Storage, Data to the Web or climate control systems.
The AML is able to communicate with the ICT MCC Hub via 2.4GHz low power radio to sync CSV files with the MCC Hub. The MCC Hub can receive data from a network of AMLs and other MCC Hubs. A MCC Hub can be, additionally, fitted with a 3G, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth modem to allow it to send data to the internet and for configuration information to be uploaded to the MCC Hub and then sent to AMLs.

The MCC Hub has an optically isolated RS485 port that can be configured for the Modbus protocol to interface with a range of PLCs and SCADA systems.
The ICT AML and the MCC Hub are both powered by wide temperature range Lithium Ion batteries. They can run in full power mode, constantly taking measurements for use with control systems, or in power saving mode where it is asleep between measurements.

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All data recorded by the AML is stored on a MicroSD card in .CSV format. Compatible with card sizes up to 16GB, in FAT32 format

The ICT AML and the MCC Hub can also be powered from mains by a 24V wall charger or a solar panel in remote applications. The AML has a 10-30 Volt DC power input for direct connection to a solar panel.
The AML standard enclosure is IP67. The standard MCC Hub enclosure is IP65.

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