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DBS60 SDI-12 Band Dendrometer

The DBS60 is an SDI-12 Band Dendrometer designed to measure short- and long-term changes in stem circumference.

The DBS60 SDI-12 Band Dendrometer is similar to the DBL60, but has a cable for the connection to a SDI-12 Data Logger.

Change in Tree Circumference (mm)
Temperature (°C)

Increment sensors type
rotary position
Range 64 mm of circumference
2% of full scale
Tape strength
15 to 20 N in the whole range, stem diameter independent
Tape temperature coefficient:
17.3 x 16 per °C
Operating range:
   – Temperature
-30 to 60°C
   – Humidity 0 to 100%
Size 100 x 70 x 100 mm
ca 260 g
Minimal stem diameter
8 cm
Increment range
Tightening strength 15 to 20 N

Dendrometer Connections

Several options are available for cable connection – In-line connector (left), top-mount connector (right), or cable with no connector.

The DBS60 Band Dendrometer is used to measure short and long term changes in stem circumference, designed for stems with a diameter greater than 8cm. The DBS60 is highly accurate, with a measurement resolution of 1µm (0.001 mm). The DBS60 is IP-65 rated and is designed to measure stem changes over many years.
The DBS60 is a non-invasive measurement device attached to the stem with an inextensible stainless steel band. The stainless steel band has a linear thermal co-efficient of 17.3 x 16 per °C. Therefore thermal variations caused by daily or seasonal changes in temperature have no measurable impact on the operation of the DBS60.
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