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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

DigiSens ORP T° Sensor

Oxygen/Reduction Potential and Temperature sensor.


  • Urban waste treatment (inlets, aeration basins, outlets)
  • Treatment of industrial effluent (process optimisation for nitrifying/denitrifying)
  • Deodorisation channels
ORP Measurement
ORP Measurement Principle: Combination Electrode (ORP/reference) platinum ring, Reference Ag/AgCI. Gelled electrolyte (KCI)
Measurement Range: -1000.0 to +1000.0 mV
Resolution: +/- 0.1 mV
Precision: +/- 10 mV
Response Time: 90s
Temperature Measurement:
T°C Measurement Principle: NTC Thermistor
Range: 0°C to +50°C
Resolution: 0.01°C
Precision: +0.5°C
Storage Environment: 0°C to + 60°C
Enclosure Rating: IP 68
Interface signal: Modbus RS-485 standard, SDI-12
Measurement Frequency: 1Hz
Power Requirement: 5 to 12 volts DC
Consumption Standby : 25 μA
Average RS485 (1Hz) : 20 mA
Pulse current : 500 mA
Heating time : 100 ms
Sensor Dimensions: Sensor length: 262mm;
Length with gland: 324mm
Weight: 350g (sensor + cable)
Enclosure Construction: PVC, POM-C, Platinum, Polyurethane
Maximum Pressure: 5 bar
Cable/connection: 9 armoured connectors, polyurethane jacket, bare wires or waterproof metal Fischer connector


The electrolyte “PLASTOGEL®” of the sensor communicates directly with the external environment without a capillary or porous membrane. There is no risk of clogging or reference diffusing.
Temperature: Measures via NTC Thermistor.


The sensor connects to any type of logger, transmitter, remote management system or PLC with a Modbus RS485 input. Thanks to sensor indexing, over 200 sensors can be connected to a logger.
Resistant to interference: Sensor pre-amplification and digital signal processing. All data regarding the calibration is saved directly to the sensor.


“Delrin®” handle ensures the mechanical strength of the sensor and the sealing of the cable.
Compact, robust and lightweight, the sensor can be portable or permanently installed.