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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.


FieldScale is a scalable high accuracy weighing system for pots and containers ranging from 5 to 500 kg.

Transpiration rates are assessed by tracking the weight loss at high temporal resolution (minutes). The scalable design allows you to arrange FieldScale in multiple arrays with up to 320 plants per array and total capacities of up to 10,000 plants or more. FieldScale offers fast reading protocols and temperature compensation, which reduces errors due to temperature changes to 0.02%. With its flexible weighing range, FieldScale can be adapted to each specific application and to the required resolution. The rugged design allows the application under field conditions, but also in greenhouses and climatic chambers.


Salinity effect on transpiration

The graph below shows raw data generated by FieldScale under field conditions and demonstrates a typical trace of the evolution of the pot weight over time, before and after NaCl treatment, which further altered plant transpiration. This is a qualitative assessment and a proof-of-concept to assess how fast and accurate the system is able to detect changes in transpiration rates.

FieldScale Graph2


Phenotyping for water saving traits

Using the high measuring frequency of FieldScale enables you to measure absolute differences in transpiration and its dynamics over the course of the day. In this study Vadez et al. 2015 assessed transpiration rates of two different Pearl Millet genotypes with Phenospex FieldSales. (VPD at noon noted in the graph). One genotype (PRLT) shows significantly less transpiration at high VPD. This “water saving trait” is of a benefit in a drought scenario and leads to higher yield. Please note that leaf area in this experiment was assessed with Phenospex PlantEye laser scanner.

FieldScale Graph3