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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

SKU 440 UV Index Sensor

This sensor has a response closely matching the Erythema Action Spectrum, the damaging portion of the solar radiation spectrum associated with sunburn and skin cancer.

The UV Index sensor gives a voltage output which can be easily scaled to UVI values with an appropriate meter (eg: Skye Apollo Display Meter, SKA 400), where UVI values range from 0 (low risk of sunburn) to 11+ (dangerous levels of UV).

The sensor is calibrated against a reference traceable to National Standards under full sunlight conditions, and so is ideal for long term datalogging on meteorological stations.

The SKU 440 is fully waterproof (IP67).

Each sensor is provided with its unique radiation response curve and Calibration Certificate.

Construction Anodised black aluminium, sealed to IP67
Cable Screened 7-1-4-C military specification. Cable gland on sensor housing
Sensor Cosine corrected head. Specially formulated diffuser
Detector Filtered SiC Photodetector
Spectral Response Close to Erythemal Action Spectrum
Output Scaling Nominal = 0-2V = 0.20 UVI = 0-0.5 W/m2
Thermal Drift of Output
(-20 to 50°C)
0.075 mV/°C max
Thermal Drift of Zero Offset
(-20 to 50°C)
Typically 0.03 mV/°C
Output Impedance 500W
Power Supply 5-15 V DC
Absolute Calibration Error Typically < 3%, 5% max.
Cosine Error 3%
Azimuth Error < 1%
Longterm Stability ± 2%
Response Time < 50ms
Weight 200g (with 3m cable)
Temperature Range -30 to 60°C
Mounting M6 x 7mm tapped hole in base. Sensor supplied with M6 x 16mm screw + four 15mm washers to suit panel thickness of 3-10mm


SKU440 Response