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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

ICT CIS - Cloud Data Analysis and Display

ICT INTERNATIONAL (TM) Combined Instrument Software

The Combined Instrument Software is the companion software to all ICT instruments. It enables the user to configure, test and deploy an ICT sensor with a simple and intuitive user interface.
Connecting to instruments is made easy by using an instrument discovery screen which finds any USB or radio connected ICT Instruments. Once connected to an instrument, Combined Instrument Software enables the user to make configuration changes, calibrate sensors, start and view measurements as well as download and view data.

To verify installation, or while used on a test bench, the user can start measurements and view results in real time. For instruments such as the sap flow meter and digital stem psychrometer, real-time strip charts show the progress of a measurement. Data files can be downloaded from an instrument for viewing or exporting. The Combined Instrument Software’s inbuilt data viewer can view the connected instrument’s file, previously connected instruments’ files, as well as data sent from site through an Telemetry Hub to the ICT Cloud Subscription Service. Data can be viewed in a table or plot, and channels can be combined from multiple sources for easy and powerful data comparison.

ICT INTERNATIONAL (TM) Combined Instrument Software is available from ictinternational.com/support/software/

ICT INTERNATIONAL (TM) Combined Instrument Software is available from ictinternational.com/support/software/

The optional ICT INTERNATIONAL (TM) Dataview module requires registration.

With Dataview, you can view detailed sensor data information from anywhere, including detailed graphs and most recent sensor readings.

SFM Water Usage Display Mode

SFM Water Usage Display mode is a powerful decision making resource, displaying Hourly Water Usage and Daily Water Usage in Litres, as well as Cumulative Usage, with display options for Raw Sap Velocity. This can be for 7, 14, 30 day or user selected intervals. This enables trends in water use to be displayed. Eg: Seasonal, Drought Stress or Irrigation outcomes.

Using the SFM Water Usage features, you can set the parameters of the tree being measured to calculate whole-tree water usage, and you can also calculate water usage for a whole field of trees!

Pic 7

The Psychrometer Data Overlay (grey) allows for evaluation of Sap Flow Data against stem or leaf water potential as measured by the PSY1 Psychrometer.
To overlay Psychrometer Data, use Parameter Editor to select the Psychrometer under Water Potential Overlay.

PSY Overlay v4

Sap Flow Data Averaging
This feature enables data from multiple SFMs to be averaged together, useful for studying trends. Averaging also provides an idea how much water the plants consume within a period, which can be useful for irrigation scheduling, and is useful for ensuring that plants are behaving as expected and not effected by pests, disease or nutrition issues.


Optionally, the EnviroServe Cloud Server software monitors data from instruments and looks for differences in patterns over a pre-set period. It also compares data between instruments. All ICT Instruments and Hubs also monitor their own power supply voltage, temperature, wireless signal strength, etc. Changes in these parameters are also detected. When EnviroServe detects a significant difference an alarm is generated. Alarms can also be set to occur on high and low signal thresholds. When an alarm is generated, a report is emailed to pre-configured email addresses.

Weather Station Data

Weather Station data displayed in Dataview: Temperature, rainfall, air pressure and solar radiation.

The ICT INTERNATIONAL (TM) Combined Instrument Software is Windows compatible.

Recommended minimum hardware requirements: Intel Atom 1.66 GHz and 1GB RAM or higher.

Operating Systems:
Windows 8, 8.1
Windows 10

Cloud Data Service

The ICT INTERNATIONAL (TM) Cloud Data Service operates on enterprise grade hardware with a minimum uptime of 99.9%, and is based in Sydney, Australia.

Data is encrypted during transmission to prevent eavesdropping and hacking of transmissions.

ICT International Telemetry Hubs are designed to periodically upload data to this service, at the user’s discretion. A copy of the data is retained on the individual instrument SD card, and on the Telemetry Hub’s SD card.

ICT International also offers a data API that can be used to retrieve data and information from ICT Instruments using an ICT Telemetry Hub for data to the web, enabling development of utilities that integrate your data from the ICT Cloud.

For example, the API can be used to produce a live graph of weather data on your website; show only rainfall, solar radiation and sap flow data; or download a complete historical data file for a logger.

ICT International’s standard data access (using DataView) is suitable for most research applications, it allows for visualisation of data and export of data in CSV format, compatible with Microsoft Excel.

The data API is recommended for large projects where data needs to be integrated with external visualisation systems or other utilities for maximum flexibility.

Data Flow

Standard Online Access:

Dataview Data accessed via ICT International Combined Instrument Software/DataView for visualisation and download as CSV.

API Access:API

API access includes all the features of standard access, but allows you to integrate your data easily into your own systems, apps, webpages and decision making processes.

Remote Logger Configuration:Remote Config

Combined Instrument Software also allows for remote configuration of instrument logging parameters. You can change logger or instrument settings without leaving the office.

Contact ICT International for more information on the Combined Instrument Software and Data View.